Audition FAQ’s

Q. What should I prepare for an audition?

A. Audition requirements for each curriculum vary. Specific requirements are published in the Shenandoah Conservatory Undergraduate Audition Guidelines.


Q. Must I come to the campus to audition?

A. Most students will come to campus to audition. However, for students who live more than 250 miles from campus, we do have an on-line audition process.


Q. When should I audition?

A. Applicants should audition as soon as you are ready. You must have applied for admission prior to auditioning.  Students must audition at one of our pre-set dates November through February. In order to be considered for talent scholarships, you must audition no later than February.


Q. What about talent scholarships?

A. The Shenandoah Conservatory offers talent scholarships to qualified students based upon their individual audition and the needs of the conservatory. When you audition, you will automatically be considered for a talent scholarship; there is no separate form to complete. Award offers are typically made by March 1. Conservatory awards are only a part of the total financial aid package, and are renewable for up to three additional years, provided a student remains a full-time undergraduate student, continues satisfactory academic and artistic progress and participation, and remains enrolled in the conservatory.


Q. Must I have an accompanist?

A. All singers, including musical theatre applicants, must perform with accompaniment. Shenandoah will provide an accompanist for all on-campus auditions, or you may bring your own accompanist with you. Instrumentalists are not required to perform with accompaniment, but may do so if they bring their own accompanists to the auditions.


Q. What is an audition like?

A. Music, musical theatre and acting auditions are like private performances for a panel of conservatory faculty who are specialists in an area of performance (voice faculty hear singers, theatre faculty hear actors, etc.). Composers, costume designers and technical theatre applicants have a private interview and portfolio review with a member of the appropriate faculty. A typical audition or interview lasts between five and 15 minutes, and performers will be given plenty of time to warm up.  Dance auditions are done in a class setting, with all performers working together with members of the dance faculty.


Q. Who evaluates my audition?

A. Auditions are evaluated by the auditioning faculty in consultation with other teachers in the particular area of the audition.


Q. May my parents/family/friends sit in on the audition?

A. No. Parents or guests are not permitted into the audition.


Q. Where can I stay if I come to Winchester to audition?

A. There are several hotels within a very short distance of the campus.