Shenandoah Conservatory

2014 Graduate Applications & Auditions

Complete the Shenandoah University Graduate Application for Admission. All programs initially require the Shenandoah University graduate application and a $30 application fee.

Shenandoah Conservatory Graduate Program Admission & Audition Requirements 

Required Graduate Applicant Materials

1. Completed online Graduate Application: 
2. Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions where credit has been earned. 
3. Program-specific materials as outlined in the application and audition requirements.

Graduate Audition Registration

• All prospective students must register using the online Audition Form.
• The Audition Registration Deadline is February 1, 2014, and auditions are scheduled as registrations are received. Register early for your preferred audition time. 
• Adherence to the Shenandoah Conservatory Graduate Audition Guidelines is required. 
• After online audition registration, applicants will receive information from the Shenandoah Office of Admissions regarding scheduling their audition. 

Distance Auditions

Applicants living more than 250 miles from Shenandoah University campus may submit a recorded audition. Distance applicants must submit a video through Decision Desk, an online service for uploading recordings via the Shenandoah Conservatory Digital Dropbox. Videos must be prepared following the Shenandoah Conservatory Audition Guidelines and may be produced using home recording equipment. No other method of recorded auditions will be accepted.

Recorded auditions must be submitted through the Shenandoah Conservatory Digital Dropbox. 

Graduate Audition FAQs

• Singers must audition with live accompaniment and are encouraged to provide their own ac-companist. A limited number of accompanists are available for hire. 
• Instrumentalists are encouraged to provide an accompanist, but live accompaniment is not required. A limited number of accompanists are available for hire. 
• The Graduate Audition Day schedule includes a general information session in which assis-tantships, curriculum, and residency are discussed. 
• Admissions decisions are not made until the application and audition are both complete. Applicants must successfully pass their audition in order to be admitted and considered for a Graduate Assistantship or DMA Teaching Assistantship.

Financial Aid

• Graduate Assistantships, both full and partial, are awarded to master’s and doctoral students. A full or partial tuition waiver and a small stipend accompany these awards. The award is renewable for up to three years pending satisfactory academic progress and the recommendation of the immediate supervisor. 
• DMA Teaching Assistantships are awarded to doctoral students only and consist of a full tuition waiver and a $9000 annual stipend. The award is renewable for three years pending satisfactory academic progress and the recommendation of the immediate supervisor. 
• Shenandoah Conservatory strongly recommends that all entering students submit a FAFSA to the Shenandoah University Office of Financial Aid.